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GIVI - ALASKA Timeless Trekker!

This is part of the GIVI aluminium range and was conceived from an ambitious project, which has led to the creation of a side case, totally ‘Made in Italy’, which is efficient, sleek, lightweight, practical and equipped with patent-pending mechanisms and features the most all-purpose system in the world: MONOKEY. All at a competitive price!


The ALASKA Trekker has an internal capacity of 36 litres, and is exclusively sold in pairs. It has an aluminium structure available in two different finishes: Natural or Black. It is essentially constructed of three materials, all extremely high quality:

• Mechanically finished aluminium for the main body.
• Stainless steel for the opening mechanism.
• Reinforced technopolymer for the profiles, the pivoting hinge of the lid and other detailing.

Each component has been developed to provide improved use of the case

The ALASKA Trekker proposes a patented design, is entirely produced in Italy, and additionally is the forerunner, in the segment of aluminium ‘adventure’ side cases (in other words, the squared type) to propose a MONOKEY attachment. Linking back to the “timeless” in the title, this means unequalled longevity. Any owner can use them on bikes no longer in production or on current models: for instance, swapping them from an Africa Twin to a BMW GS or to a Ténéré… of any generation and probably even to future versions.

The detachment position uses a unique cable system (patent pending).

The handle is integrated into the lid hinge (fully openable) and 4 belt-strap loops are also set into the lid structure.

The easy loading feature is also assisted by a unique hook mechanism (patent pending) that enables the side case to be tilted without detaching it completely from the frame: a very useful feature when there is a bulky rear top case, which doesn’t have to be removed to access the side case.


GIVI has optimised the efficiency of the side frames to the maximum level, in terms of mechanical resistance and vibration absorption. Regarding sturdiness, in addition to dust, water and oil protection, the ALASKA project has envisaged the minimum number of bore holes possible and has subjected the industrial seal to exhaustive testing and designed vents for pressure variations.

For the extraordinary TREKKER ALASKA, GIVI has designed and manufactured a series of dedicated optional accessories, capable of extending its ecclectic use.
More details in the data sheet.





Pair of MONOKEY Trekker ALASKA side cases with a natural aluminium finish, 36 ltr. Enterely Made in Italy. Materials: mechanically finished natural aluminium, stainless steel hinges and reinforced technopolymer for the profiles and belt-strap loops. Compatibility: with the tubular side-case holders PL_ _ _, PLR_ _ _, PLO_ _ _, PLOR_ _ _. Features: The cases are detached from the side frame by turning an external knob that is equipped with a cable system (patent pending), placed directly under the Security Lock. It is not necessary to turn the knob to attach the cases. Easy to load: the Trekker Alaska has a hook system (patent pending) allowing it to be tilted without releasing it completely from the frame. This mechanical system has been specifically designed to prevent the cases from being accidentally dropped and to facilitate loading and unloading even if there is a bulky central top-case, which could make it difficult to access and open the lid. The strength and structure of the hinge allows the lid to be opened completely, without the use of straps or retention cables which could produce a "guillotine" effect. Ergonomic handle integrated into the lid hinge, opposite the case’s opening and release mechanism. Four belt-strap loops integrated into the structure of the lid, set into the contoured lid to give an elegant shape to the whole case. Security Lock type lock (identical key for both suitcases + a third cylinder to be mounted on possible top case). Max load: 10 kg (excluding the weight of the suitcase). Sizes: (mm): 562 x 260 x 374. Versions: ALA36APACK2 (natural aluminium finish); ALA36BPACK2 (aluminium finish, matt black painted). Optional: look for the list of dedicated accessories on the GIVI website.


Press release: GIVI


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