News Di 29 September 2020


Premium HD Speaker kits are now available worldwide for your Sena device. 30K, 20S EVO, 20S (and soon 10C EVO and 10C Pro) users will be able to upgrade to the same premium Sena HD Speakers first seen with flagship 50R and 50S devices. Sena is relentlessly committed to enhancing the riding experience of our customers. The all new premium HD Speakers offer a significant increase in bass boost, and clarity for a noticeably enhanced audio experience while riding. The HD Speakers are also redesigned for physical comfort with a beveled taper to reduce contact with the ear. 

Enhanced hardware & firmaware 

Refresh your tried and true Sena device with an enhanced audio experience. In addition to the revised hardware of the HD Speakers, Sena has also rolled out upgrades for each device’s firmware to ensure HD Speaker audio quality is maximized. After purchasing the premium HD Speakers from users will need to install the latest firmware for their Sena device, then update their mobile device’s Sena application and activate the HD Speaker option in the app’s settings. Speaker kits will also be available for the 10C EVO and the 10C Pro mid-October, and when they are, we’ll be sure to send you a reminder. 



Smart intercom pairing is here! 

Have you tried SIP yet? Smart Intercom Pairing (SIP) allows for an easy way to connect using a smartphone to scan QR codes to quickly pair devices to one another. Nearly all Sena devices, along with many Sena-powered OEM devices, with Bluetooth 4.1 and up can use their respective app in order to quickly pair with other SIP compatible headsets. While many products already have access to SIP, the new feature is now available for over 60 Sena and Sena-powered OEM devices. In addition to Sena branded devices, SIP will be supported by many of our partner products, which include Sena-powered communication devices by Harley-Davidson, Schuberth, Shoei, HJC, Polaris, Klim, Nexx, ICON, AGV, and more. Click below to learn more about the new SIP feature.



Press release: SENA


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