Enduro Sat 01 July 2017

daichenemo, offroad with gang spirit

“Dai che nemo”, it means “let's go” in veronese dialect. In this way express a group of fun amateur enduro bikers, who transform their off-road passion into a way to face the weekly stress.
Since a decade crossing not only Veneto ground, they are young dudes but also 57-year-old men reluctant to pension. Without doubts, the spirit which combines these characters is bold and exuberant. They're original… they have a Vice President, but not a presiden; they have a king, yes, but he deserves this title because he throws motorcycles; they organize the water games day “dai che nemo without borders”; the famous ridings during the night, obviously without lights.
In this easygoing group couldn't miss the many encounters in some pubs and taverns to discuss about important topics, such as “the future of the air suspensions” or “the injection on the 2T”… ah, joking! They're only thinking about the next mischief.
It looks like a usual, common Saturday. We meet, we see who arrives, some have the the signed permission to drive until 4 pm, some are shirkers, those who are practicing abstinence arrive, but without boots…. Bullshits have never an end.
After checking motorcycles, wheels, tanks and after insulting GVR, no matter his presence, we leave.

The first of the line decides the destinations: sea, mountains.. the priority is always “cellera che l’ammore” (speed up, otherwise the motorcycle dies).
A mule track immediately attracts some of us… what the hell! Can't we start quietly? The firsts pass by, some crawl on the ground, another one smokes a cigarette thinking about the beat way to follow, the “elderlies” perform like Jarvis and then “OCIO OCIO (pay attention!)” here comes the king MOVE OVER! Will he make it? Will he pass Hercules Columns? Most of the times it goes fine, but bot this time, because the motorcycle unsaddled him… the “dudes” are curious about the destiny of the crazy horse and of the errant knight… we find the knight hanging from the branch of a tree, like nothing happened, asking his companions if everything was ok… seriously? Where's the motorcycle? We see it hanging inside a bush, without touching the ground. Five person were needed to free it! Never seen anything similar. Meanwhile the insults against GVR go on, someone talks about the fairer sex… seriously? A friend of yours “performs” like he was at the Cirque du Soleil and this…. women. Recomposed, one of us is still missing, but he's arriving slowly… the route becomes vertical, the pilot falls and then rolls down. What about the motorcycle? How will it finish its ride? It lays down, hitting a stump with the tank, making explode the gasoline cap and “washing” the rescuers.
Oh well, let's go to the manger… someone here is having energy losses!

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