Daily Thu 21 March 2019

I protect my bike

I’m keeping an eye on P-Tech website for enduro motorbike accessories for a while. This company is located in Estonia and they make a lot of articles used to protect all those parts of dirt bikes you could damage in case of crashes, fallings to the ground (exhausters, clutch covers, etc…). All these parts are gotten from aluminum billet 5754.

I took the chance to order some parts from their website www.p-tech.ee when I substituted my old Beta dirt bike with the newest Beta XTrainer MY 2019:

  • Skid plate with exhaust protector and with plastic lever protector
  • Clutch cover guard
  • Radiators guard

The package arrived in few days, despite the distance from Italy.

I have immediately ascertained the high quality and skill how they are built, perfect and best quality Tig weldings!

I really easily mounted all these accessories by my self, everything matches perfectly and nothing is left to chance.

I suggest to visit P-Tech website and maybe test their quality buying some accessory for your bike. They make parts for all European motorbike brands actually in the market: KTM, Husqvarna, Beta, Gas Gas, Sherco, Husaberg.

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