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Taste The World – Motorcycling around the world

I’m Carlo and I was borne 21 years ago in Florence, where I lived with my family up to 6 months ago.

About 4 years ago, while still in high school, I decided that, sooner or later, I would travel the world on my motorcycle to the discovery of all the beautiful things it offers - people, landscapes and culture – absorbing as much of them as possible especially life- and culinary-wise … yes, cooking, my other passion which I want to test and widen during this long trip that will give me the possibility of studying cuisine from very different points of view! Taste The World originates from this innate desire to put my passions to the test in the widest context possible.

So, as I finished high school (specializing in classical studies) I started looking for a job that could help me with my project in about 2 years. Knowing how difficult it would be to find one, given my course of studies, I was willing to accept whatever job came my way and I was thrilled, I would enter a world I did not know, and I would use it to achieve my dream.

What do I think of my project?
I simply think that it’s a different point of view from which a young person can decide to start-off after his/her studies; it’s nothing heroic or unthinkable, it’s about going back to that dream we all have and that only in our eyes is the most natural.
I often think that we young people nowadays have so many possibilities, so many roads we can take, that many times we choose none, while not long ago, the greatest feats have been achieved with far less opportunities; so I decided that I would not stop to the surface of what I saw but that I would fully live my dream, setting aside my insecurities, fears and anxieties. I knew I could take it easy, I had and have time. It is often difficult to feel ready to take on or do what is necessary, and we always find excuses to postpone the moment: “not now, maybe in two years I’ll be ready/have more money/…”; but in this way we only risk to be eaten away by our anxieties. If I gave in to them, I would have ended resting on what we call “rock pillows” and I never would have left.
To put myself out there betting everything on myself, making my dream my sole goal have been fundamental!

“We shall not cease from exploration/And the end of all our exploring/Will be to arrive where we started/And know the place for the first time.” -T. S. Eliot

To date, as I’m writing this brief introduction, I’m in India after six months of intense travelling and about 23,000 km through Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.

I’m 21 and I travel having no financial nor equipment sponsor, I owe what I am today and the motorcycle with which I am travelling, solely to my parents and to my job as a cook for two and a half years in Florence, saving for this trip. A trip without GPS, planned routes or a fixed return date; I travel to prove to myself that nothing is more precious than the opinion on countries and religions as well as on ourselves, built from experience. It hasn’t been easy, I lived through very difficult times during which everything seemed useless and my dream the simple dream of a 20 years old kid. When I decided to make this trip, I had about 3 years before the actual departure, and in this time, it hasn’t been easy to keep my spirits and enthusiasm high, I often thought to give up, to go to university travelling only on summer breaks, closing my dream in a drawer saying that at least I had tried. But day after day, problem after problem, salary after salary, my dream became more and more possible and at the end the biggest problems had been solved and I only needed to leave, say goodbye to my friends, shift into gear and put myself out there. I left on March 18, 2018, a date I decided two months before while I was working and thinking that, in the end, I “never would be ready”, and that if I didn’t leave in a short time I’d never do it … “I don’t have enough money … 6000 euro isn’t much” maybe in a month, with 7000 euro, I’ll feel better …; and that was it, when I realized what I was thinking, I understood that I had to quit my job asap and simply leave because money would never be enough and time would go by while I was waiting for the moment I would be definitively ready.

Six months later, I’m in India ready to cross to Nepal from where I’ll send my bike to the South-East and then to Australia where I’ll stop to work for some months, if not years, to later head for South America!

Text and photos: Carlo Di Todaro

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