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An alternative way to use motorcycles

In 2016 Routes des Grandes Alpes, one year later Tuscan Tour...

Since I am convinced that an unforgettable experience should be repeated, here I am searching for super twisty roads, hotels (with garage parking) for the well-deserved and healthy rest of the bikers after the exertions of the day and why not, even come cultural sightseeing.

No sooner said than done! Fifteen bold bikers join the proposed tour! Surprised and certainly not used to this number of subscriptions, I panic certain that I will lose somebody at every intersection.

Well! It's done now! Early Friday morning we meet in the town’s main square; a fast breakfast and we leave.

We start off with a bit of soporific highway with some excellent coffee stops to counteract the sedative effect.

We leave the hated rectilinear road at the tollbooth of Firenze Certosa heading to the first cultural destination of the tour: the Abbey of San Galgano, located in beautiful Tuscany, South-East of Siena, a building now almost reduced to a ruin but rich in history, famous for the sword in the rock. After parking our motorcycles in perfect scattered order, we visit the important Cistercian abbey in ... no longer than 5 minutes ... most of it was demolished! Fortunately, in the immediate vicinity we see an excellent rest stop where in less than no time we are presented withfresh brews and appetizing sandwiches stuffed with Tuscan “finocchiona”.

We hop on our bikes and leave: we cover a hundred kilometers on roads that cross a unique territory, passing from Buonconvento from Val d'Orcia, we arrive in Abbadia San Salvatore just in time to take advantage of a "very light" lunch based on appetizers, two first-courses, second-course, dessert, coffee and why not even a digestive.

After filling up the tanks of our motorcycles, we travel along the always beautiful extra-urban roads towards our final destination, the Cascate delle Marmore (waterfalls) in Terni.
Waiting for the park to open and the release of the waterfall water, a "happy hour" at the local bar is a must. The evening visit to the waterfalls at maximum fullness, and the incredible beauty and strength of nature bewitches us.

The day can only end in good company at a table laden with food in the restaurant on the hotelterrace and the following images are proof of the exuberant moment.

The second day, after a hearty breakfast we leave for the city of L'Aquila, where the effects of the earthquake leave us truly speechless. We continue along the foot of the Gran Sasso on roads inbeautiful natural areas for about 120 km until we reach the devastated Amatrice. The sight of so much destruction makes us strongly uneasy. A few months before our arrival, a new area dedicated to the various restaurants of the town was inaugurated, which can thus continue the tradition proposing typical dishes. Given the time, we take advantage of the new location and have lunch with excellent spaghetti all'Amatriciana in large quantities.

Our motorcycle day ends after a few more hours of curves and a few hundred kilometers in the medieval and splendid town of Gubbio.
After a restoring shower, we reach the real goal of the dayby foot: a medieval style restaurant. The evening is spent in fantastic and very nice company cheered by a sumptuous dinner!

On the third and last day, right after breakfast, we ride along the Apecchiese state road and the twists of Bocca Seriola, Bagno di Romagna, Passo del Carnaio, Premilcuore, up to the legendary Passo del Muraglione and from there San Godenzio and Dicomano, a good 230 km without stops. Incredible but true! Since it’s the last day and considering that the agonizing and demotivating highway awaits us again in the afternoon, we all agree to a frugal lunch based onfresh and light green salad. Oooops! At lunchtime the unexpected happens, on our way we see a fantastic Agriturismo: the menu lists no salad but only chianina steaks!

I leave to your imagination what is served after a few minutes.

Back to the title "An alternative way to use motorcycles ..." I would say that they can be used to conquer fantastic alpine passes, cover distances in wonderful places, … but they can also be used just to change restaurant !!!!

What to say! There is nothing better than a happy and sparkling company riding the beloved motorcycles and spending moments that will remain in the heart.

Technical data of the tour:

  • three breakfasts

  • three lunches

  • three dinners

  • and several coffee stops ...

Text and photo by Daniele Tezza

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