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Exploring Sardinia

Transhumance is the seasonal migration of cattles and flocks from ground level or hilly grazing lands towards the mountains, during summery period and viceversa, travelling ancient streets with natural bottom which cross, or better used to cross indiscriminately flatlands, rivers, hills and rocky paths.
They used to stop from time to time in circular sheepfolds built with dry stone walls and in huts made of wood and rocks, shelter for shepherds. We will undertake this Sardinia Raid on the trails of transhumances of the most characteristic zones of the isle, crossing the sites of historic-cultural and archaeological interest with great attention for the hospitality. We will choose only the best accommodating structures which offer amazing dinners with typical organic, high quality products, rigorously from farm to fork.


Olbia – Tempio – Pattada

Arrival, briefing and then we leave immediately through the state-owned Monte Pino forest, through the fantastic  Vermentino di Gallura vineyard hills, all the way to cross the range of Monte Limbara with Sardinia’s second highest top.

After a quick lunch in the afternoon we will go on towards the endless Filigosu state property, first stage of our transhumance which extends from Berchidda valley to the famous Alà dei Sardi and Buddusò upland, location of Europe’s biggest wind farm and magnificent proof of Worldwide Rally Auto.

In the evening we will reach Buddusò town to refuel, granite’s homeland, and we will continue to the ancient Pattada town, homeland of Sardinia’s most famous knife, Sa Resolza. We will visit the famous Museo del Coltello (knife museum) of master Giagu.

We will stay overnight in a wonderful, authentically Liberty style, hotel.


Pattada – Burgos Forest – Gavoi

From Pattada we will leave early to go seeing immediately one of Northern Sardinia’s biggest  forestry complexes, Parco dei Fiorentini (Fiorentini Park), with its thousand-year old yews and many Domus de Janas. From here we start another big transhumance towards Anela Forest crests, in Benetutti, Bono territories to arrive in the small town of Foresa Burgos, historic garrison of the Arma a Cavallo.Another forestry route and we arrive for lunch in Bolotana and in the bottom of Illorai forest. From here we reach the town of the famous tailor Modolo, known for his velvet clothes worn by many characters. More holm oaks and oak trees forests to reach Sa Itria's Sanctuary with its "cumbessiasi", the houses in which the families of the town live during the celebration of the Saint.We will stay right in the center in a typical building made of granite and we will eat, according to the tradition, in a wonderful award-winning restaurant.

Gavoi - Seui - Villagrande Strisaili

Big stage marathon today! We leave from the wide holm oaks and chestnut trees forests, always around 1000 m a.s.l. From Gavoi, overcoming Gusana Lake, we enter in Gennargentu rage and, in the nearby of Desulo, we enter in Barbagia di Seulo crossing Flumendosa river (level allowing). Here Transhumance was at its epilogue, in fact we are in the most densely populated areas of wild animals and active "cuili" (sheepfolds) of entire Sardinia. After a lunch break, we continue in Barbagia di Seui to cross Ussassai forest and reach the magnificent Lequarci waterfalls in the nearby of Saint Barbara Sanctuary.

More forests, mule tracks and after "I Tacchi", we finally overlook the majestic first leap of Flumendosa river, where we will stay in a dreamy hotel immersed in a wood, whose access is directly from a fire door!

Villagrande S. - Orgosolo - Oliena

Alarm, breakfast and go... We deeply breathe Ogliastra, we're immersed in the wild grazings. Here nature is the owner, we can't allow distractions, damages or inconveniences, hawks and wild pigs hover around us to bite us!

We start after a few kilometers another big transhumance, the "Supramonte" of Villanova and Orgosolo one, with movie landscapes and close encounters with every type of animal. It will be a miracle to meet human beings!

Orgosolo welcomes us with its majesty Mount Fumai. We go on up and down Saint Giovanni Mount, in the rivers and on fire break paths for fearless people.

A real lunch with Orgosolo shepherd waits for us and, after a quick visit to the famous murales, in the afternoon we continue along the calcareous wall of Corrasi Mount until reaching its Supramonte. The arrival in Oliena is breathtaking. An enchanted agritourism, which produces 100% of its products, waits for us. It is a must another stage in Lanaitto Valley to discover its caves.



Oliena – Torpè – Padru – Olbia

We leave Oliena, town of oil and Cannonau vine variety, to cross Ortobene Mount (NU). From the northern side we start our transhumance through ancient paths towards Orune and Onanì. Now the ancient road of Santa Annunziata along River Posada until Lodè town. Lunch with view on Posada castle. We start the descent in the forestry state property of Torpè and from here we wade across the river to start a new transhumance towards Pedrabianca upland where the landscape is lunar and breathtaking. One last transhumance from the high grounds of the Sanctuary of San Paolo di Monti until river Padrongianus valley and our trip is finally at its conclusion. Super cleansing of our ''beasts'' and ADIOSU, see you for the next adventure in sardinian land!


  • 1200 km total in 5 days

  • departure and return from Olbia port

  • maxi enduro, one or two-cylinder tour
  • flowing stretches of path and technical mixed with some brief paved sections

  • knowledge of skilled off road driving needed

  • adventurous mentality 

  • the baggage must be a waterproof bag to put in the back of the saddle or the classic saddle bags

  • no rigid bags aluminium alike

  • clothing: one all terrain, waterproof and with detachable sleeves overalls

  • aindividual and group assistance: everyone brings their trousse of tools, a inner tube and a tubeless fixing kit. In case of damage of the vehicles, it will be needed the help of the tow truck paid by the participant

  • plugged or on-off enduro tires, also ideal for undergrowth zones

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