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Route Des Grandes Alpes

Tour of the French Alps from north to south; we embark on this journey amongst passes at over 2000 meters, enchanted lakes, towns oozing history and postcard views.

The father and organizer of this tour is Daniele, my friend and cousin, who, supported by his faithful squire Roberto, transformed a sightseeing tour into an unforgettable experience.

We leave from Verona with adverse weather and we head towards Milan where with the rain ourmisadventures begin; at first, at a junction we lose one of our traveling companions, Stefano, who absent-mindedly takes a wrong exit, re-joining us only 30 minutes later; then an electrical problem stops good old Cesco’s bike forcing him to resort to the tow truck, finally a screw pierces my rear tire, forcing me to repair it. At this point, we head for our first stop, Chalet, while finding the humor in our vicissitudes.

The next day we leave for the Gorges du Pont du Diable, the gorges carved by water over the centuries.
And the fun part starts from here: Col de Gets, Col de la Colombière, Col de Saisies. After 300km we stop to rest and regain our strength for the super-stage planned for the following day.
Col Isèran, Col Tèlègraphe, Col du Galibier, Col Luataret, Col de Izoard to get to Embrun; it’s amazing, roads with mountain asphalt that offers superlative grip and guaranteed fun. The altitude reached is remarkable, 2770 meters on the Isèran that with its glacier dominates the beautiful little village in the Savoie with 250 inhabitants, Bonneval sur Arc, with its characteristic local stone houses. The road of the Izoard seems sketched by a painter, a pleasure to ride on and to the eyes.
The fourth day includes: Col de la Bonette, Col de la Cayolle, Gorges de Daluis, Gorges du Cians; as we reach the highest point of the tour, 2802 m, another bike starts staggering. The oldie of the group, due to a wire that synchronizes the two carburetors, is forced to stop, conquering a spot in an almost closed garage where we are able to remove and replace the wire. We arrive in Nice, where we have dinner and find accommodation.
The last day includes passing from the famous Col de Turini, which, in the past, was part of theMonte Carlo rally, after which we finally head for home.
Our technology, intuition and genius made this ride memorable with photos and videos of the highest quality, practically it was like having a television crew in tow.
The most compelling challenge was to take shots of the group wearing the t-shirt at each alpine pass .... the temperatures were extremely low.

Thanks to: Daniele, Roberto, Stefano, Oriano, Francesco, Luca, Giorgio, Sergio.

Our numbers:

  • 9 participants
  • 1989 km
  • 23 mountain passes
  • 5 days
  • ​9879 curves

Text: Luca Sauro
Photos and e video: Daniele and Roberto

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