Enduro Sat 16 February 2019


Mototrip is the New Year party of muddy two-wheels, and like every New Year it is a party where it is almost obligatory to transcend!

A party for knobby tires that has been celebrated for 34 years on the first Sunday after Epiphany, during which you may be passed in the woods at full speed by plushy animals driving motorcycles or by male nurses wearing thongs and cross boots flying at the speed of light over rocks and stones.

The six hundred (yes, 600!) participants of Mototrip don’t take themselves too seriously and this is the reason of the success of an event that, in fact, turns out to be the oldest event of this kind in Italy.

If participants are having fun, the organizers are very serious and responsible, because it is not easy to organize an event that every year has more than 600 participants, especially considering that each single year the "Racing Terni motolub" prepares four itineraries, two for enduro (hard and soft), one for trial and one for maxienduro and vintage.

We took the last one, discovering that it wasn’t soft or adv but a real enduro route to be rode onwith maxis!

85/90km of true enduro, on stony mule tracks, riding 200kg bikes, requires experience and no hesitation or qualm in laying the bike on the ground.

The itinerary, rather difficult with the maxis, was instead very easy on dedicated mono-cylindersand this convinced some participants at their first experiences or with unhealed aches and pains, to choose it anyway riding enduro racing bikes therefore avoiding sweating in the stony hell pits of the Umbrian Apennines.

Adele and Patrizia, two girls we met at the tour and who belong to the "lady enduro project" and "mx girl" groups, made this choice too; two "chick" motorclubs that group the representatives of the fair sex, with respectively an enduristic and cross-country vocation.

Now don’t you be fooled, Adele and Patrizia didn’t take the easiest itinerary because they are girls! With these two, the fair sex is anything but weak ... but Adele, who is more accustomed to the bulges of the cross track than to mule tracks, with a loaned bike decided to avoid damaging it, while Patrizia is the wonderful example of a mother who, after 3 years of inactivity to take care of her two children, got back on her bike just for the mototrip!

At the end of the tour I convinced her to tell us about their mototrip and what enduro for women is,in a little interview.

Adele: This is the second year that Mx Girls and Lady Enduro Project are invited to participate and I must say that it is always a great experience full of emotions.
Of course, I am a cross-rider, like most girls who belong to Mx Girls, while the tracks of the mototrip are the daily bread for the girls of the Lady Enduro Project!

Dario: I’ve been told that your enduro baptism was last year at the mototrip and that it was a bit troubled, right?

Adele: Don’t tell me about it

We completed the whole tour with Patrizia and Adele which, as they say, was a spectacular show of nature.

Together, we have crossed beautiful beech woods cut by the mule tracks we love so much, abandoned settlements where pigs are still bred in the wild that in an instant remind you of Albania.

We enjoyed the rest stop in the village of Cottarello, its hermitage and its bar where a picture stands out: it depicts first Mototrip in 1986 that, today as then, set a refueling stop here!

So, the new year party of the knobby tire is now gone! We have 12 months of fun ahead, LET’S MAKE THE MOST OF THEM!

Text and photos: Dario Lupini

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