Test and previews Wed 20 June 2018

ANLAS CAPRA X call them if you want emotions …

I hadn’t been riding a maxi enduro on its ideal terrain for some years, and this is why I find the title of this article - which refers to a famous Italian song (“Emozioni” by Lucio Battisti) - very fitting.
Thanks to my Discovery Endual friends, I was given the possibility of testing the on/off Anlas Capra X tires, which are considered excellent for maxi ADVs such as my Africa Twin Rally.
No need to twist my arm, I immediately fix a date for the test. A few days before, I receive a set of these Turkish tires which I install on my bike.

Finally, the day comes, and I head for San Sepolcro where the test will take place. 150 km of paved roads separate me from my destination, a hundred of which on a fast motorway and despite the humidity due to overnight rain, I experience my first positive feeling of a good grip, especially for the stability of the front-end at high speed; the wiggling that starts at 140 km/h with knobby tires, practically disappears with the Capra, so much so that I ride for various km at 170 without problems. Road-holding during acceleration and cornering are also very good thanks to the T-bar inserted as internal reinforcement, that makes the carcass stronger considerably reducing the rubbery effect typical of knobby tires. Moreover, the knob arrangement reduces noise by 3 decibels compared to the best product of other off-road tires. The feeling when riding on mixed paved is again great thanks to the side pattern studied for improved grip by increasing the ratio of full vs empty space between knobs, besides dulling the effect of the knobs during bends; furthermore, the addition of silica grants an increased grip on wet pavement.

But the strong point of the Capra X is off-road, the real thing. I honestly didn’t expect such a grip on both hard and wet terrain, whether riding slow or fast, nor the road-holding when braking which gave me enough confidence to try a few stunts as a showoff for the photographer and camera man.
At the end of the day, after covering a hundred or so km off-road in the Tuscan Apennines, I was surprised when I realized that tire consumption was imperceptible which confirms what the manufacturer declares (the tire mileage performance is 20-30% better than the average of competitor products).
In my opinion the new Capra X are all-round tires, good for daily use in the city as well as for long highway trips but, above all, they can be used as true knobby tires when the terrain demands it (designed for adventure: 40% on-road, 60% off-road).

These four days allowed me to better comprehend the potentiality of the sequential double clutch transmission applied to a motorcycle. The main assertion to debunk was “it’s like riding a big scooter”; there is the possibility of selecting between Drive, Sport or Manual, in other words the mode that better suits the rider or the situation. No doubt this system is useful for beginners or for who never rode off-road and pleasant for relaxed riders, while expert adventu

Considering their characteristics, their price between 250 and 300 euro make them even more attractive compared to competitor brands.
In other words, these tires are made to help you to live wonderful emotions, as the Italian song by Lucio Battisti goes.   

"For more information on Anlas products and prices visit www.innova-box.com"


Text and tester: Riccardo Taroni
Photos: MB Fotopress

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