Test and previews Tue 27 February 2018

Beta RR300 Racing A “balanced” weight-loss diet

In 2012 Beta introduced 2-stroke engines on its 250 and 300 cc enduro bikes; right from the start this turned out to be a very good choice headed for a lot of satisfaction. In addition to an unexpected success in sales, it brought home two Enduro GP world championships and one Enduro GP Manufacturers World Championship definitively confirming the validity of the project.
The motorcycle tested for this article is the RR 300 Racing version, i.e. the competition model of the renovated 2018 series which includes all the improvements achieved with the world experience of the Beta Factory official team. The fact that for two years now this model has been the most sold of its segment in Europe, is an indication of how much this Tuscan company believes in the project.

Chassis and components
The year 2018 is important regulation-wise since the Euro 4 directive on emissions entered into force. Beta wasn’t caught off guard for it anticipated the issue producing its motorcycles according to this law, and without changing the carburetion, as early as the beginning of 2017.
So, it had plenty of time to dedicate to completely revising the whole range, implementing important modifications that concretely stepped up the quality of the product. The technical evolution focused on the engine and chassis, potentiating the strong points, such as drivability and feeling, while maintaining high reliability.
4.7 are the kilos lost compared to the previous version, no less than 3 of which saved thanks to important structural modifications to the chassis, the front of which has been completely redesigned to increase flexural and torsional rigidity.
The use of a lithium ion battery, 48 dia. fork with lightened sleeves, leaner filter box as well as a new rear fender, complete the slim down job.
The RR 300 Racing meets the rider’s requirement and further shaves off weight by eliminating the automatic oil injection, so fuel and oil must be mixed before filling the tank.
But this is not all, the many special components that have been added to the well-known standard equipment, offer a range of convenient accessories that make it even more aesthetically captivating. Amongst them, increased footrests in ergal, quick release front wheel pin, aluminum sprocket with steel teeth, seat with pocket, dedicated graphics. 

Engine features
Compared to the previous model, a great deal of development has gone into the propeller which, besides increasing performance, reduces the weight by more than 1.7 kilos.
From this year, the well-known reliability of the electric starter has allowed the kick-start lever to be removed and a more compact and lighter clutch allows a more sophisticated gear shifting system to be used.
The torque and power output have been increased thanks to the new cylinder with rounded piston and new cylinder head profile, to the strengthened connecting rod and crankshaft, and to the new centrifuge with bigger spheres.

Off-road-city and highway behavior
Its vocation is extreme enduro, all developments seem focused on improving its performance in this field: lighter weight, cutch that improves scalability, rigid forks with optimum sliding, mono-shock absorber that copies well, excellent traction and, above all an output that is almost that of trial bikes. It is narrow between the legs with a rather low seat, which greatly helps maneuverability and direction changes. The considerable torque pushes throughout the rev range, allowing long gears to be used and a less physical driving.
All features even an amateur who prefers a more relaxing ride can benefit from. But let’s not be deceived by what seems a “squish” because if provoked it knows how to pull out its indominable spirit. 

Pros and cons:
+ Engine
+ Feeling while riding
+ Weight
- Plastics can be improved

Price: 8.790 €

Text and Tester: Pietro Bartolomei
Photos: Courtesy MB fotopress

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