Test and previews Wed 02 January 2019

Beta Xtrainer 300 - Born for fun

On a cool Thursday of November, the phone displays an incoming call from the editors of Discovery Endual.
Everything is set, this will be the day we are going to test the new Beta Xtrainer 30; with my friend and partner of motorcycle adventures, Fabio Del Gaia (a reference for motorcycle mountaineers in the area) we head towards the test location, set in a beautiful area of Umbria.
The choice of this place is not a coincidence: rocky walls, natural obstacles that challenge the bike, arduous climbs and drops, in other words, the right mix of elements to really put the new Beta Xtrainer 300 to the test.
When we arrive, the bike is there, ready, parked on top of some boulders for some static pose pictures.

The first impression is that it looks like an aggressive bike!
Red is all over, even on the frame, giving it a racy look.
After the photographic session, it's my turn: the Xtrainer is finally ready to be tested.
I hop on and I’m immediately at ease with the position of both the handlebar levers and the shift and rear-brake pedals.
The feeling is that the bike is bent on agility: soft suspension, compact and light frame.
The height from the ground is less than an Enduro Racing and this makes it less demanding in difficult conditions, since it’s easier to plant a foot on the ground. It’s a bike that has well designed geometries/lines and is very agile and manageable.
As I turn it on, I’m impressed by the roundish deep noise of the new engine, implemented with all the modifications adopted in the RR 2T models.
The motorcycle responds well, immediately demonstrating its intentions without hiding the abundant displacement.
The electronic mixer is good and allows you to maintain excellent carburetion even at slower paces.
The engine is full, the push at low revs of the two-stroke 300 is considerable and if you keep the gas going, the bike picks up a lot of speed, even if when you keep the same gear too long the engine tends to pull back and calling for the next gear.
Even under the hardest conditions, such as slippery rocks, the under-torqued engine works greatly, considerably helping the rider; even with a gear higher than needed, it keeps on pushing.
The steel perimeter frame and the suspensions work very well, copying any roughness of the ground when traveling at low and medium speeds.
They respond well even when riding with a more aggressive style: the bike is always very accurate, it bends well and is easy to handle; it’s like playing with a toy.
Suspensions aren’t that good when going for high speeds on rough ground; maybe they are too soft, but we must not forget the intended use of the Beta Xtrainer 300 and should appreciate its perfect calibration.
The multi-disc clutch does a great job: I really liked it, the engagement is excellent assisting the rider in difficult conditions.

The only slightly negative element is the front brake, perhaps too aggressive.
Not bad in the simplest conditions, but if harder conditions, such as slippery rocks, are taken on, you must concentrate on how you brake, otherwise you can easily lock the wheel.
Nothing to say about the rear brake which is easy to modulate.
At the end of the test and I go home satisfied, confident I have ridden a well-made and fun bike.
The strong points are definitely the engine and the chassis:
The engine is very balanced and noiseless, with a consistent torque.
The chassis is compact and light.
A right mix that makes it easy to ride, but always fun even in extreme conditions.
Price: € 6.790 including VAT

Text and tester: Alessandro Cherubini
Photo: MBfotopress

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