Test and previews Tue 16 July 2019

BMW R 1250 GS Adventure HP : size matters This time, maybe not

We had the privilege of testing the undisputed queen of maxi-enduro bikes, the largest, most impressive, top of the range BMW among the Adventure models.
We tested it on the wine routes between San Casciano in Val di Pesa and Montefiridolfi, the natural habitat of this incredibly skilled motorcycle, which offers unique riding pleasure on any type of route, from blacktop to off-road, to cities.

A completely new BOXER
Lots of news on the brand new 1262 cc and 136 hp BOXER engine, now also equipped with the quickshifter that allows you to shift without having to use the clutch lever. Fast, very fast, shifting that strongly enhances its performance, especially when sporty riding, by ensuring quick and precise engagement at full speed, a little less precise when downshifting especially at low speeds when you will better firmly step on it or use the traditional left lever on the handlebar, to keep enjoying the maximum riding fluidity that a motorcycle can offer.
The qualities of the new engine can be appreciated at any speed, even below 2000 rpm, but as the rpm increase you immediately realize the great generosity of this German twin-cylinder engine, with more than enough horsepower to make it always dynamic and fun despite its mighty dimensions.

Impressive, but also easy
The bike is big, but judging it at face value in a decision-making phase, that could even be the one that precedes the purchase of a new bike, would be a serious mistake: the dimensions of this GS are directly proportional to the sense of safety and comfort that it immediately transmits to the rider; and if the rider is a little taller, let's say from 180 cm up, you can really start talking about great maneuverability, because weights and measures are perfectly balanced and the result is a perfect balance, which also helps a lot when traveling at low speeds, which could also be in city traffic when commuting.

Adventure, but in moderation
The GS Adventure is not a rally bike, let alone an enduro, and doesn’t have the ambition to be one. Having said this, riding this bike exclusively on blacktopped roads would be a real shame, because in this specific case the term Adventure rhymes with sportiness and all-round fun, even off-road, be it on dirt roads or natural ground.
It’s here, far from the city traffic, that I enjoyed riding the bike, and skidding with it after eliminating the traction controls with two clicks on the map selector, freeing up all the power in order to test the efficiency of its electronically controlled suspension,

Dynamic ESA Next Generation
The outcome? Well as far as I’m concerned, I like the bike with dirt on it much more.

Design and Comfort
The BMW GS certainly isn’t the undisputed queen of sales throughout Europe for its design nor for any particularly revolutionary aesthetic features, but the commitment of the R&D department aimed at defining new lines, shapes and more modern colors, as well as evocative traits, obviously and objectively is there. This is clear from the choice of recalling the glorious and winning GS R80s of the 1980s-1990s Dakar, through dedicated liveries called HP, like the one of the bike I tested.
The design of the fairings conveys a sense of "earthly elegance", in the midst of a world of motorcycles that increasingly resemble real spaceships ...
As for the comfort offered by the GS, its great character and predisposition for long journeys, both solo and two-up, is confirmed.
In addition to the standard equipment you can choose between a wide range of optional and aftermarket accessories, such as the very spacious black anodized aluminum suitcases, which the bike I tested had.

The bike in one sentence: "Go Big or stay home!"

Text and tester: Riccardo Rosi
Photos: MBfotopress
Clothing: Rev’it Offtrack
Helmet: Premier X-Trail MO 1
Boots: SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex

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