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COMPARISON TM EN 300 2-stroke vs TM EN 250 FI 4-stroke

Edoardo Tommassini TM 250 4-strokjeAppearance

I’m a fan of aluminum perimeter frames and TM is an Italian excellence in the design of this geometry with which it achieved great results in all world competitions.

The 250 4-stroke 2019 bike, the subject of our test, is a concentration of technology and technique. Suffice it to say that the engine comes from the moto3 project that competes in the world GP championship.

I personally never found the TM colors too appealing: the blue is not very aggressive nor very “racing”. The filter casing positioned at the same height as the steering head and the fuel tank under the saddle are a trait that belongs only to these bikes from Pesaro and that makes them even more fascinating.

Overall, it is very pleasing to the eye, graceful, lean and well proportioned.

The attention to details stands out as you look at the beautiful aluminum frame with welds in plain view and side reliefs made with NC machines. The machining marks are left in plain view giving a very handcrafted and racing touch that I love.

The equipment is nice and high-quality. Rims, hubs, brakes, steering yokes, first-class components, are all made in TM’s works or by leading companies such as Brembo and Excell.

Noteworthy is the aggressive aluminum double-ended exhaust, a novelty of the 2019 model, very “Honda style”! I can imagine it made of titanium/carbon that would give it an extra classy-touch.

On the road
When you straddle the TM EN 250 FI you start trusting it as you feel the excellent chassis balance. Despite my considerable height (1.90) I immediately found a good riding position and an excellent triangulation (saddle-footrests-handlebars).
The motorcycle, although being rather slim, is stable when speeding andextremely maneuverable in the most arduous passages, thanks to the perfectly designed chassis and to the record-breaking suspensions which are precise entering corners. The TM made monoshock with linkage is completed by a Kayaba front fork that literally absorbs any roughness whatever the speed. The perfect technical symbiosis between the chassis and the suspensions allows you to fly over any obstacle in an "almost unnatural" way. All this with standard settings which underlines how the bike is a real " ready-for-race". I found it only a little too reactive when changing direction or braking, but this can only be expected given its lightness, and it certainly isn’t a defect.
The engine is incredible. Despite being a small displacement engine it has lots of "push"; in first gear youimmediately feel an unexpected power at low rpm. The engine revs up progressively, sweet and smooth. Fast but never aggressive. The mids are powerful and the sprint remarkable. In other words, tasty and fun whatever the use. It features dual mapping to make delivery more docile on slippery ground. I used map 1 which I found commensurate with performance.
For me, the Brembo front brake with Nissin pump is spongy and with little edge, but more important, it wasn’t very modular, which leads me to think of an “air in the circuit” problem.
The engine brake is practically non-existent and even in the most demanding passages the sensation of lightness is absolute, which combined with an exceptional chassis, result is a perfectly balanced bike, a real racing bike, but that can be managed even by Sunday riding amateurs. A combination of craftsmanship and technology, the fruit of Italian genius and entrepreneurial ability!

The company from Pesaro has taken an important evolutionary step compared to the previous models and has put on the market a product worthy of the most renowned off-road brands, in many cases placing itself clearly above the competition. Considering that it all comes from a small town factory, it gives greater merit to the result obtained.

One word/sentence for the bike
Racing friendly

Edoardo Bigiarini TM 300 2-stroke

I really like it, as I said in the test of the TM 125 (view article), but if I really want to nit-pick over a vehicle that offers a large and excellent range of accessories as standard, I have to say that the plastic bodywork seems to be a little light. The model we tested is carburetor powered, but a "cross country" 2-stroke version bike withelectronic injection is also available.
Aesthetically it doesn’t leave room for many customizations; suspensions, brakes and rims are the best available on the market and finishes are high quality, only the race numbers on the plates are missing to mistake it for the bike Daniel Mccanney raced with in the Enduro World championship.
The beautiful aluminum perimeter frame stands out; the company of Pesaro is the only European motorcycle manufacturer developing it for it believes in the advantages structural rigidity offers when ridingoff-road.

On the road
I had a strong misconception, originated by "hearsay" from a friend of a friend who may have tried a TM motorcycle a few years ago finding it without push at low rpm and crabby in delivery, consequently very tiring. In reality, I found this 2019 model of mine completely satisfying from a riding point of view and perfectly at ease on mule tracks. It is a lot of fun, I immediately appreciated its perfect chassis, its agility and lightness even on rough ground, while when speeding it’s always firmly planted on the ground and you can go for a rock without fearing that it will swerve.
The fairing is narrow and lean, so you can easily move when sitting as well as when standing on the footrests and in off-road even these details make the difference. Braking is easy to control by operating the front pump, using only your index finger to manage its edge, while the rear brake is aggressive but doesn’t stop suddenly, thus helping the way into corners. The model we tested has a Nissin braking system and I found it to be more performing than the 4-stroke model that features a Nissin pump and Brembo caliper.
Excellent engine, I really liked it very much; I thought it wouldn’t have a great pull at low rpm but I was wrong and since I'm a lover of extreme riding, I really appreciated these features. The sixth gear for transfers is missing!
The suspensions are also excellent, even without any adjustment I immediately felt at ease, great on rough terrain and loose rocks, excellent in copying practically any obstacle.

One word/sentence for the bike
If I stopped at rumors, I would have missed one of the best 300 2-stroke on the market.

Data sheet TM EN 250 FI 4t: https://www.tmracing.it/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/SC4T_EN_250Fi_MY19.pdf
Data sheet TM EN 300 2t: https://www.tmracing.it/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/SC2T_EN_300_MY19.pdf

Text and tester: Edoardo Tommassini - Edoardo Bigiarini
Photos: MBfotopress

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