Test and previews Wed 04 March 2020

Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L Adventure Sport - "100 cc more it’s all it takes to catapult you into another dimension"

Beautiful, imposing, extraordinarily versatile and technologically advanced, this is how the new Africa Twin CRF 1100L Adventure Sport Twenty-Twenty had been announced. But that the "winged” brand marketing treaded a little on some characteristics to give even more emphasis to the release of the new model, did cross our minds.

Another known thing is that the L and Adventure Sport versions of the new AT have been designed for different uses, not like the previous standard model which was expertly customized for long journeys.

When we saw it, we could only admire its beauty, the attention paid to details, the standard accessories but also its imposing size unashamedly devoted to tourism. Yet just by sitting on it or as you first maneuver it you immediately realize that it hides something unexpected. It is as easy to handle as a dual sport!

Within traveler's reach
Large side cases and rear top case to hold several kg. of luggage can be easily fixed to the bike mounting points. The height of the saddle can be adjusted with a few simple maneuvers - with which however you must become familiar - without using tools, to offer the rider the best comfort; you can also adjust the windshield based on your speed so as to enjoy the best protection, an operation that can also be performed while riding through a practical handle.

The 25-liter tank is more than enough to face long journeys lightheartedly even in areas where it’s difficult to find fuel. The auto adaptive double LED headlights, the "cornering light" that illuminates the inside of the curve based on the bending angle, the ABS cornering system, the traction and wheelie control, are just some of the most sophisticated safety systems installed on the new Africa Twin. While the heated grips are the unmistakable sign that legitimizes using this bike even during the winter.

Everything with one touch ...
By now we have reached the point where bikes must be set even before being ridden!

The AT Adventure sport is no different, indeed we can say that it currently has one of the most technologically advanced set of instruments on the motorcycle market and everything can be comfortably managed through a 6.5 ”TFT touchscreen display.

You can select one of the "riding modes" already set and customize all the various output parameters of the engine, braking, gearbox and electronic suspensions, until you find the right compromise that best suits you based on the conditions of the routes you are facing.

In addition, through the multifunction display, you can connect your phone and use various Apps such as navigation, while riding, or receive and make calls through the helmet intercom.

A renewed engine and a greater feeling
100 cc have been enough to change the face of this tested parallel twin the 2020 model of which reached a displacement of 1100 and over 100 hp of maximum declared power, at he same time increasing reactivity and usability throughout the whole range of use.

The greater power is perceived throughout the entire period of use, but it‘s in the medium revs that you enjoy the elasticity of this engine which, combined with the other aforementioned innovations of the AT 2020, amplifies its rideability even more .

To reward its maneuverability and feeling and to appreciate the improvements, you can now count on a swingarm completely redesigned on the geometry of the one used by the CRFs for cross, on the point of contact between the saddle and the tank at knee height in average narrower by 2 cm. and on the Showa EERA electronic suspensions that do their job very well based on the selected riding mode.

The real "must" of this flagship if used for long journeys is surely the DCT gearbox combined with the Bosch IMU inertial platform, further refined in this evolution to be even faster in shifting, soft and precise which allows you to travel totally relaxed, maybe with the cruise control set!

With this evolutionary step, Honda has raised the concept of Adventuring. The level increases a lot as does the price.

In one definition: Designed to venture off into new horizons.
Available colors: Pearl Glare White Tricolor - Darkness Black Metallic
Price: 18.990,00 € F.C.

Text and tester: Pietro Bartolomei
Photos: MBfotopress
Video: Merlin’s Studio GVM
Clothing: Completo Rev’it OFFTRACK sand-Black
Helmet: Aray Tour-X4 Vision Red
Boots: TCX Baja Goretex

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