Test and previews Thu 29 November 2018

Presentation of the Honda Enduro RedMoto 2019

I wake up to leave for Pro Park Genoa at dawn because I’m going to test the new Honda 2019 RedMoto!
The first bike I try is the new CRF250RX, the smallest Honda; the feeling is positive from the start, suspensions and chassis immediately give me confidence, as usually happens with a Honda, engine rpms must be kept up to keep it fast on the draw since its displacement is small. Torque was improved and consequently also the bike’s pull at low rpms. Personally, this is the engine I preferred, very light and agile, ready to take on any bend or obstacle in both the maps available, a true racing bike.

The CRF300RX, which derives from the 250, gives me the same feeling, confidence and smoothness, the engine never seems to die despite the number of revs, it is much easier to ride in any mapping than its sister; excellent and fun for whoever wants to ride enduro.
The third bike I test is the CRF400RX, which derives from its bigger sister, and which ranks 2nd in my personal preference list; it has a brilliant and powerful engine, even with the wrong number of rpms you just need to open the throttle and the bike picks up immediately pushing without problems while maintaining good agility and riding comfort; I would define it as another simple bike suitable for most enduro riders.
The fourth and last bike in the RX range is the CRF450, the biggest; it carries a very powerful , you just need to open the gas to feel it, the suspensions are accurate whatever the bend or obstacle, the frame is rigid but complies with your riding, fun but very challenging after a long day of enduro for those who are not well exercised.
Finally, it’s time to test the highly anticipated novelty, the CRF450XR, a beautiful new entry that widens the Honda 2019 range even more; the engine is pleasantly softer than that of its sister RX, it features a sixth gear and slightly more sustained suspensions that however work excellently, offering a very pleasant compromise; it’s very easy to ride, very simple and precise when cornering. I’m skeptical so I choose the hard section of the track prepared for the tests, I want to put it to the test. The XR performs well even on the most complicated downhills, obstacles and steep climbs. It’s an excellent bike that gives you the liberty of taking on any type of fast or more technical enduro track, just like the glorious XR which inspired it. Definitely positive feelings for this new entry, which offers prolonged use without requiring extraordinary maintenance, with distances of up to 30,000 km!
The whole RX range adopts a very amusing electronic launch control, which works greatly, the kickstarter has been definitively abandoned, the modified crankcases no longer include housing, but not to worry, the Batteryless system allows you to start the bike even with a slight push, in the event of a battery blackout.

I leave Genoa aware that the Honda RedMoto 2019 bikes, with the wide range offered, are an excellent alternative for those who practice enduro at all levels.

Text and tester: Jacopo Tombelli

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