Test and previews Wed 17 April 2019

TM EN 125 - 40 years of Italian experience

For this test we used 2 testers to have a more complete overview of this bike totally built in Italy. Different riding styles, Mattia Giulietti the racer with experience in the enduro world championship, and EdoardoBigiarini, the enthusiast who uses the bike every weekend for the fun of it.

Mattia: I like it! The front is aggressive, the back is a bit too white, it lacks a bit of graphics; aesthetically it is very, very beautiful. Stick a few numbers on it and it looks like a bike ready for the race. The aluminum frame is the thing that stands out the most and, together with many other details obtained from the solid-body, make it unique. The mapping switch is easy to select, the Kayaba fork mounted on Ergal (aluminum alloy) clamps further enhances the whole, as well as the mono-shock absorber that undergoes extremely accurate machining.

Edoardo: Aesthetically beautiful, but if we want to be picky, the stickers that reproduce the air intakes on the sides are a bit of a stretch, I don't even like the license plate holder. The aluminum frame is a work of art, as well as the wheel hubs made from billet push all the other details that embellish the bike in the background. The clean lines of the ducts are fantastic but I would use a muffler with different ergonomics, this seems a bit old-fashioned.

Mattia: the saddle-footrests-handlebar triangulation is very comfortable to me compared to the KTM/Husqvarna where in the end, I always have to raise the saddle and lower the handlebar to make it right for my height. The full rear brake disc is an excellent solution, not too aggressive and modular. The suspensions are top, I really liked them. The fork absorbs any roughness well and even as it is with no customization, it is a whole other thing compared to the more famous competition. The engine, no longer “grumpy” like the 125 of a few years ago, is steady and at high rpms pushes hard, while it is a bit weak at low rpms, especially if I imagine using it in an extreme stage.

Edoardo: The thing that immediately struck me was the brakes, always ready and well modulable, I'd prefer a bit more bite in the back, maybe it depends on the full disc. I did not expect the engine to go so fast, the displacement I normally use is 300 and I'm not used to the 125, I didn't think it was so lively and fun, it misses a bit of thrust at low rpms. On the saddle I immediately felt at ease, the handlebar is a bit low, but it allows you to load the front end well. No complains in the suspensions department, I never had something similar in the bikes I owned, supplied as standard.

On the road
Mattia: As it is, the bike is ready to enter the closed park of an overall race. As I rode, I gained more and more confidence and started pushing really hard, without making any kind of adjustment, not even to the suspensions that I felt were rather hard but capable of absorbing rocks and potholes very well. The mono too was promptly followed the terrain and transmitted a lot of traction to the wheel. It has a beautiful full-bodied engine for a 125 cc.

Edoardo: I've always owned 2-stroke bikes, this was my first time with a 125 and I have to say that I reallyhad fun. I straddle it, it feels small and is so manageable. The deltabox aluminum frame requires some determination when taking on curves, but it is very stable and precise even on the wheel-tracks left by other vehicles. The suspensions absorb everything without tiring your arms. On easy terrain the engine is brilliant, it's not really suitable for how I ride because it often requires changing gears, but then again, I'm used to larger displacements.

One word/sentence for the bike

Edoardo: Easy and fun

Tester: Mattia Giulietti - Edoardo Bigiarini
Photos: MBfotopress

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