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Who would have guessed, here I’m writing about horses, my passion ever since I can remember and I’m not talking about animals.
I just got back from work when the editorial staff phones me to ask if I have time for a test in the next couple of days. I needed good news! A golden opportunity that I immediately seize, so here I am reporting on my experience with the new 2018 Kawasaki VERSYS X 300. I immediately notice its high-quality details, the dashboard with central analog tacho, the LCD display and odometer to the right, the spoked rims with IRC TRAIL WINNER tires, the engine guard and the heightened exhaust pipe and, finally, the unmistakable and eye-catching Kawasaki lime green color.

It is time to ride it.
I decide to go for a ride in the Tuscan hills with some friends of the “Frecce del Borgo” motor club. For the first leg we take the highway, where I rev the gears. The engine seems to over rev so better not insist shifting gears sooner but, as soon as the 6th gear is engaged, you can forget shifting since it quickly picks up after throttling. We head for downtown Pienza on a road with many sharp bends and a sometimes-rugged pavement, where I realize that the motorcycle can safely handle different terrains, the 19” front and 17” rear wheels absorb any road imperfection remarkably well. The servo-assisted clutch is engaged without straining your fingers even when the mixed terrain requires a lot of shifting. The engine with a displacement of only 296 cc, develops about 40 hp that are more than enough for a 176 kg bike. The twin-engine has a great pickup at low and medium rpms, and even acceleration is incredible considering its displacement.

When we stop, the lean and pointy design of the VERSYS X 300 catches the eye of passersby who stop to have a closer look. The “adventure” style always fascinates.
Heading for the Trasimeno lake we take a gravel dirt road. I was afraid of this part of the journey, given that I have no off-road experience, but I realize that I’m facilitated by the upright seating position which is very comfortable even for those like me who are on the short side. The low seat that helps me when I need to put my feet down, the shape of the17-liter tank that never gets in the way, the fairly deep creases of the tires and the long-travel suspensions do the rest. The rear brake responds well while the lever of the front brake needs to be pulled strongly for deeper braking, I’d have preferred it more modulable, while the Bosh ABS system works excellently intervening only when needed even on dirt roads.
During the ride back, I form my personal evaluation of this small but great bike. I have been satisfied by its average consumption and riding comfort aided by the windshield and handguards that protected me from air but what struck me most is how easy it is to ride.

The VERSYS X 300 is a bike for young beginners but also for who wants a two-wheeler suitable for the city as well as for outdoor rides, fun on mixed terrains, rather safe to ride even on curves and very agile in traffic; in other words, it’s an excellent compromise between quality and price.
Price: 5.890 €

Text and tester: Elena Donati
Photos: MB fotopress

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