News Tue 09 July 2019

Flank securityMore Wunderlich

GS Adventure flanksThis reinforcement bar fits like a glove: It not only adds pro-tection to the Adventure flank, it reinforces and perfects it. It ironed out the weaknesses on the open edge of the standard tank guard of the R 1250 GS Adventure and extends the pro-tection of the tank and the fairing reliably. It comes from Wunderlich.The protection bar is made of 25 mm precision stainless steel tubing that is glass bead blasted and electropolished. It follows the shape of the original tank guard in a line. Thus, the Sinziger accessories specialists at Wunderlich skillfully avoid that it is wider and more expansive.Wunderlich offers a harmoniously shaped filler plate made of aluminum, which stretches in the shape of a triangle in the area between the reinforcing bar and the adventure tank guard. With its technical aesthetics, it formally underlines the protective bar structure and, incidentally, provides additional structural stability.Wunderlich supplies the set of reinforcing bars for the right and left side for € 249.00 *). The filling plates-set, also for left and right, are available in black or in silver for 89,90 € *). All Wunderlich components are Made in Germany and have a five-year warranty.



41873-200 - Wunderlich Set of reinforcing bars

41874-102 - Wunderlich Filling plates-set in black

41874-101 – Wunderlich Filling plates-set in silver