News Mon 25 March 2019


The FIM World Enduro GP Championship opened the gates of the 2019 season and the small village of Dahlen, in the Saxony region, hosted the German GP.

Our defending Champion has amazed the large audience present by winning a double success in the two days of competition both in the E3 class and in the prestigious Enduro GP.

Steve Holcombe, on dry terrain, put on a show of strength out of the ordinary leaving no recourse to the opponents.

On the Day1 Steve has recorded eight best absolute times in the twelve special tests disputed, distancing the second classified by a minute and seven seconds.

On the following day the English rider repeated the excellent performance going to record nine best times in the twelve special tests disputed.

Great debut also for the new signing Benjamin Herrera who performed well in the first world round. The Chilean rider entered in the Top Ten in the Enduro GP with a satisfying fourth place in the E2 class on both days of competition. This constancy of performance has produced the second position in the E2 general standing and the victory on the Super Test for Benjamin. A promising start for the Chilean who has not participated in an enduro world race for several years.

Very good start also for Beta Boano Team thanks to Brad Freeman who conquered a double victory in E1 class and a 3° and 2° position in EnduroGp. Two podiums also for Matteo Pavoni: 3° and 2° in Youth class.

Third position in E3 class for Anthony Geslin (Team Beta France).

The Beta Factory Enduro Team will move to Arma di Taggia for the third round of the Assoluti d'Italia di Enduro which will take place on Sunday 31st March.

"My current physical condition is eighty percent and I think I will be 100% from the Portuguese GP. I was surprised by the result achieved here at the German GP and to returning to Italy with the plate of the championship leader of both the E3 and Enduro GP class. I'm very happy."

"I'm happy about both the results and the feeling with the motorcycle. On the first day of the race I made a couple of mistakes while on the following one I crashed one time and took a good pace from the first special."