News Sun 07 February 2021

K’FORCE For those who refuse to compromise

The most “extreme” set of aluminium side and top cases ever made by KAPPA for modern maxi-enduros. Completely Made in Italy, with a patented design and PREMIUM product characteristics. 

The side case is the star of this new set: firstly, because it is the first KAPPA case to make use of the super-strong MONOKEY CAM SIDE fixing system with 4 anchor points, providing security even in off-road situations; and secondly, because it is sold in pairs or alone, with a choice between two finishes (Natural and Black) and two internal volumes (36 and 48 LTR). The latter option meets the needs of maxi enduro-users who wish to have a different size on each side, in cases where the exhaust pipe is located high up on one side of the motorcycle. 
 K’FORCE cases have aluminium bodies, stainless steel hinges and belt-strap loops, and reinforced technopolymer for the profiles and corners. The 48 LTR case is big enough to store a modular helmet.
Three top cases have also recently joined the K’FORCE line, all made from the same materials as the side cases and also available in two finishes… but with an extra option when it comes to the internal volume, available as 42 LTR, 48 LTR, or a whopping 58 LTR. For the top case fixing system, KAPPA has opted for the incomparable reliability of MONOKEY. Those who love to customise their ride will find plenty of optional accessories dedicated to this impressive trio of cases in the KAPPA catalogue. 
The entire K’FORCE range is completely “Made in Italy”

Additional technical details:
Side case dimensions in cm (HxWxD): 48 LTR (38.7x49.5x30.6). 37 LTR (38.7x49.5x24.6). Maximum load: 10kg (excluding the weight of the case). Locking mechanism: Security Lock. 
Top case dimensions in cm (HxWxD): 58 LTR (32.3x55.5x45.4). 48 LTR (32.2x45.5x48). 42 LTR (32.3x40.9x45.4). Maximum load: 10kg (excluding the weight of the top case). Locking mechanism: Security Lock.
The 58 and 48 LTR top cases can hold a pair of modular helmets; the smallest one can hold a single modular helmet


Press release: Kappamoto


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