News Mon 18 February 2019


The edition number 9 of Krka Enduro Raid this year will have real dizzy values. Around 650 the engaged to the Enduro Raid of Friday and Saturday 26 and 27 April, 200 for the Krka Discovery, scheduled from 23 and 24 April and few less than 200 for the EndurocXs assembled in one day, April 24. For this reason the TRX organization is already working for a week that, never as this year, it will be, at least on the paper, very strong.
Just in these days a part of the staff is working in Croatia on the tracks that will entertain then all the events and, after some meetings with the local authorities, they have decided to follow a new direction.
"This year we have invited the participants of the Krka Enduro Raid to use among their instruments, the GPS. o reduce the  environmental impact in fact, we are busy to use less materials on the road and therefore the mark of the roads, or of the alternatives and the crossroad won't be so evident anymore as in past. Obviously the provision will concern only the transfers because in the Check Time sectors and in the special test, instead, all the zones will be well marked, first of all to guarantee the carrying out of the test in complete safety." An important novelty that underlines the wish of the organizers to collaborate more and more with the local authorities, in the total respect of the splendid Croatian environment that entertains the Trx Events from ten years.

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