News Mon 21 December 2020

KS904B Attach your device to the brake fluid reservoir

The screw-on cap of brake fluid reservoirs on the handlebar provides a handy platform, so why not use it?

Kappa has done just that with the KS904B, a stand which consists of three distinct parts: 
the black machined aluminium base; the cast aluminium central part, protected by a galvanised coat; and the ball joint encased in the latter, made from fibreglass-reinforced technopolymer through a double injection technique. 
The manufacturing process is completely “Made in Italy”: a technical description which provides a necessary indication of the product’s construction quality, so that you can feel confident in trusting it with the costly electronic devices which have become so indispensable to every part of our daily lives, both at work and during leisure time.

The KS904B is compatible with KAPPA device holders from the KS95_B line (essentially all of the brand’s smartphone and GPS device holders, which currently number 8 different models) as well as the S604K, the new universal case which holds European motorway toll payment devices). 
The versatility of the rotating head means the cases can be positioned along two axes, so you can find the most convenient placement. 

To use this new accessory, it must be paired with the specific _VKITK mounting kits.


Press release: KAPPA


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