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One like none! The Wunderlich rider suit!

This year, Wunderlich has followed the suggestions of numerous customers and launched its own rider suit consisting of a jacket and trousers. It was important to the Ringener to implement the many requirements for a decent motorcycle suit, which were identified during numerous trips and on endless test kilometers. Because Wunderlich makes no compromises in quality and innovation, but is a specialist for high quality BMW motorcycle accessories and not a tailor, they teamed up with one of the best partners. The result: a high-quality, carefully crafted, safe, ergonomic and sustainable rider suit, for which the best materials and processing methods have been selected.

Exclusive Wunderlich Design 

There are plenty of colorful, fashionable rider suits. Fashion is also „out of fashion“ at some point. In addition, many textile suits are designed for the respective motorcycle type: the suit for the enduro does not fit the touring bike and certainly not on a roadster. What to do if you own several bikes or want to change?

This is exactly why Wunderlich focused on developing a universal suit that does not fix the wearer, that is timeless and contemporary. Its design radiates solid aesthetics and its appealing, harmoniously chosen color combination of blue and anthracite has a high recognition value. Thus, the design and feel of the Wunderlich rider suit is as high quality as its workmanship.

Extensively, carefully and without time pressure. Advice at the Wunderlich company headquarters

At Wunderlich they believe that the purchase of a rider suit requires careful professional advice. Because only a suit that fits perfectly can exploit the full protective potential in an emergency. This high demand for the necessary quality of advice for customers and interested people takes time and can only be achieved in a person-to-person conversation without time pressure. That is why Wunderlich offers the rider suit exclusively in the showroom of the company headquarters. A specially trained team of employees takes the time and supports the customers in trying on and choosing the right size. And it explains the advantages and handling of the rider suit on site in detail. 

On request: the customization

The rider suit is available in all sizes from 25-30, from 48-62 and from 98 to 118. For customers who want an individual suit, the Ringen-based company offers professional measuring and custom-made suits. 

Wunderlich‘s quality standards. Wunderlich‘s promise of quality.

The high quality standards applied by Wunderlich to its own technical components is expressed in the rider suit in the 10-year warranty on workmanship (5 years on waterproofness) and in the repair service Wunderlich offers. With this concept, the Wunderlich rider suit is part of the company‘s own sustainability initiative Wunderlich BLAU. 

The price for the rider jacket is € 990.00 (custom-made € 1.249,00), the price for the rider pants is € 790.00 (custom-made € 939,00).

At a glance:

44992-XXX - Wunderlich rider jacket
44993-XXX - Wunderlich rider pants

High quality rider suit - casual, yet stylistically on an enduro, a tourer and on a roadster 
Timeless design with high recognition value 
Solid processing

Protection and safety
Maximum protection with level 2 protectors, which are individually removable ...... for back, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees
So that jacket and trousers sit securely and do not slip in the event of a fall: stretch inserts in the neuralgic areas and adjustment latches for a precise, non-slip fit 
The rider suit exceeds the current protection classes
Reflective elements provide passive safety

Air conditioning
Outstanding air conditioning for relaxed and safe riding
Protects against rain, moisture and wind
Waterproof seams and water-repellent zippers protect against water penetration
Dries very quickly after rain trips and after washing 
Breathable with individually adjustable ventilation on sleeves and back
Flexibly combinable and quickly adaptable to a wide range of weather conditions

Ergonomics, comfort and fit
The rider suit is light, comfortable and ... very comfortable both when riding and when dressing and undressing
Ergonomic freedom of movement for relaxed riding 
Stretch zones on shoulders, back and knees for maximum comfort even on long distances
Uncomplicated in handling
Individually and versatilely adjustable with latches to fit perfectly without pinching ...... and not to flutter at high speeds
Connection zipper between jacket and trousers
Jacket and trouser sizes can be combined individually

Best materials and textiles (CORDURA® 500, CORDURA® Air, GORE-TEX)
High quality, handcrafted processing 
Wunderlich attaches great importance to the fact that the rider suit meets the high quality standards that are applied to all technical products and components 
5 years warranty on waterproofness
10 years warranty on the processing

Available sizes

Customized manufacturing
A customized production of the Wunderlich rider suit is possible

Wunderlich BLAU
Sustainability and reparability in the sense of the company‘s own sustainability initiative Wunderlich BLAU


Press release: Wunderlich


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