News Tue 19 February 2019

„Playing it safe“ twice over:

Motorcycle riders rightly think about two important aspects when buying engine protection bars: their appearance and the amount of protection they offer.

So anyone looking for engine protection bars for their R 1250 GS will find various options available. There are those that, in some cases, look like balcony railings or hay turners with their heavily built components, and which give the impression that, in a battle between weight and mechanical stability, weight will win. Added to this is the fact that the protruding shapes can quickly cause an unpleasant, if not dangerous levering of the machine as a result of catching or getting caught in branches in off-road use.

At Wunderlich, they basically pay attention to ensuring that accessory components fit in harmoniously with the concept of the vehicle in question, that the design matches the bike‘s contours and that it skilfully accentuates them. At Wunderlich, they call this an integrated design.

Heavy and stout and big are not necessarily safer.
If you take a look at the engine protection bars from Wunderlich, you‘ll see they offer a doubly impressive convince: the design and protective function both are right!
The actual design of each set of Wunderlich engine protection bars is coordinated with the engine‘s contours. The pipe diameter is optimised so that maximum protection and optimised weight are harmonised. The craftsman finish is perfect for the high-quality design.
In terms of their structure, the engine protection bars for the GS size offer the feature that, in the event of a crash or a toppling over, the forces that are generated are distributed perfectly over the protective bars and specifically to the support points, reducing load peaks and avoiding secondary damage to the motorbike. A company that puts so much effort into a component will also take great care when choosing its materials: the protection bars are made from 25-mm precision stainless steel piping, which are precision-shaped on CNC pipe bending machines and then cleanly welded in welding moulds.
The engine protection bars are available in stainless steel, glass bead blasted and electro polished, in black, HP blue and - a colour that is very popular at the moment - white. The coloured versions are powder coated.

26442-000 Wunderlich engine protection bars VA* - VA
26442-002 Wunderlich engine protection bars VA* - black
26442-004 Wunderlich engine protection bars VA* - white
26442-005 Wunderlich engine protection bars VA* - HP blue
VA*: stainless steel

Wunderlich‘s modular protection bar concept
For riders who want to equip their BMW R 1250 GS with even better protection, the BMW accessories specialists have developed a clever, coordinated and modularly structured protection bars concept: with the right engine protection bars compound strut and the matching „ADVENTURE STYLE“ tank protection bar, the result is a comprehensive protection bar system that, in the event of an accident, will help avoid expensive damage to the engine, tank, water cooling units and stem.
With the comprehensive protection concept from Wunderlich, you‘re „playing it safe twice over“: it increases passive safety and therefore ensures a more relaxed ride, and it simply looks fantastic!

Wunderlich offers protection bar systems for all current BMW Motorcycles and a number of older model series too.


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