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Relaxation therapy! Wunderlich‘s »ERGO-COMFORT« footrest lowering system now available for the BMW F 900 R and XR

What you can put away easily on the short tour, becomes painfully noticeable on the long tour: the tight knee angle on the bike. The sporty dynamics of the BMW F models stands in hard contrast to your own, after getting off the bike. At least until the knee is smooth again and everything runs well.

Are the legs too long? Is the ergonomics of the motorcycle not right? If the ergonomics of the motorcycle and the leg length do not match, this has noticeable, often painful consequences. 

What causes the pain? On the one hand - obvious - the overstraining of the complex kinematics of the complicated knee joint due to the tight knee angle. The reasons for this are the increased surface pressure, the overstraining of the menisci, the overstretching of the inner, outer and cruciate ligaments. In addition, there is - often underestimated - the narrowing of the blood vessels, which leads to blockage of the blood circulation and painful overstretching of the vessels themselves. These are often accompanied by fatigue of the peripheral muscles. Especially if the position cannot be relaxed for a long time. 

Wunderlich offers a wide range of components that focus on the rider with regard to ergonomics. These include the lowering of the rest, which ensures a relaxed, open knee angle. This reduces mechanical overstrain on the knee and also on the sensitive vessels and muscles.

With the ergonomic lowering of the footrests, the feet move significantly 25 mm further down, the knee angle opens and becomes larger, creating a relaxed and comfortable sitting position. The painful and torturous effects associated with a tight knee angle can be reduced, in most cases even avoided completely. And the dynamic when you get off the bike works again. A feature that makes relaxed, comfortable riding possible and is beneficial to safety. Because only those who are relaxed on the road are safe on the road. 

At the same time, the leaning angle is almost completely maintained. The good accessibility of the gearshift and brake levers and their safe handling make riding a pleasure. Wunderlich also offers a vibration-absorbing, precisely fitting foot peg rubber. Both footrests and foot peg rubber are easy to mount.

Precisely manufactured from high-strength aluminium, the functional footrest set is designed for the toughest demands. The high-quality finish and Wunderlich design underline the appearance of the BMW F 900 R and XR. The price of 176.36 €* includes - as is usual with Wunderlich components - a 5-year warranty.

Wunderlich offers for many current BMW motorcycles and older model series a variety of ergonomic components, such as the lowering of the footrests.

25910-301 - Wunderlich lower footrests »ERGO-COMFORT« (175,36 €*
25920-000 - Wunderlich foot peg rubber for lowering footrest set »ERGO« (38,89 €*)

* Prices may vary from country to country


Press release: Wunderlich


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