News Mon 16 July 2018

The ideal supplement for Bagger enthusiasts!

Finally, a Bagger windscreen that lives up to its name! With the “CRUISE” windscreen, which the BMW specialist Wunderlich tailored specifically to the body of the BMW K 1600 B, the team from Sinzig created a visually appealing Bagger windscreen that integrates itself impeccably into the imposing front end and the typical Bagger silhouette. The cut of the windscreen, which is made of extremly durable and 5 mm thick PMMA plastic, now follows the alignment of the upper fittings and gives the powerful Bagger a coherent and harmonious character.

This windscreen lets the rider move their Bagger exactly how it’s meant to move: With the screen fully down, you can enjoy the full flow of air for relaxed cruising in style, and when raised the screen guarantees adequate wind protection for quick passages or riding on the motorway. The stylish Bagger windscreen is available in smoked grey and black coloured, and the black screen in particular emphasises the robust character of the Bagger.

In addition to providing a visual improvement, Wunderlich’s Bagger windscreen also provides a harmonious flow with zero turbulence thanks to its ingenious shape. The windscreen is easy to install as Wunderlich managed continuing to use the original fittings. The windscreen also fits to all other 1600 BMW models, is made in Europe and comes with a type approval (ABE) for €179.90.

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