News Wed 01 August 2018

Video tutorial – New ZF Front Fork for Beta RR my 2019

the first video tutorial dedicated to new ZF Front Fork for Beta RR my 2019 range is now online.

The video provides some setting broad guidelines helpful in six different circumstances:

1. Dirt roads or generally easy surfaces

2. More challenging terrain

3. Multiple potholes in succession or severe fork compression

4. Muddy terrain

5. Rider weight or setup preference

6. Operating temperatures

It is also important to recall the new ZF front fork my 2019 main features:

• Traditional fork with open cartridge

• The left fork leg handles rebound while the right leg handles compression

• The adjusters are located on the upper ends of the fork legs and can be used without tools, while sitting comfortably on the bike, at any time

• Each individual adjuster produces a specific effect

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