News Wed 08 August 2018

Wunderlich – Wunderlich – what does “Anständige Komponenten für Ihre BMW.”* actually mean?

Once again, in July 2018, Wunderlich successfully achieved recertification of its quality management system in line with the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and obtained proof that it meets the particularly discerning additional requirements of the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).

Has your hand lever broken off, or has your brake cylinder burst? Every motorbike rider can imagine the consequences of these things happening, which in the worstcase scenario can be fatal. Unapproved safety-related motorbike parts, which are simply audacious counterfeit products, are becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence on the market. Brands are being blatantly imitated, right down to the original packaging. The consequences for motorbike riders simply don’t matter to the highly criminal providers. It is often impossible to find them.

The price is actually one of the first indicators that parts like these are fake. You should therefore steer well clear of obviously cheap “brand”-components under all circumstances. They are cheap and have been produced without any quality inspections. The cheap price can only be achieved by ruthlessly skimping on the quality of the materials used and on the production processes, and, last but not least, by a lack of consistent quality management. This goes so far that the counterfeit product can even be missing key technical or required structural features which ensure its function.

Wunderlich, No. 1 worldwide for high-end BMW accessories, stands for the very best engineering, workmanship and consistently high quality with its own products, and for everything that is incorporated in the Made in Germany standard.

Wunderlich therefore exclusively manufactures its own components, which can be approved, i.e. they either have a type approval (ABE), an EC General Operating Licence, or a TÜV seal of approval. All the other products in the range are not subject to the type approval obligation.

As one of the leading companies in the motorcycle industry, Wunderlich has been certified in line with the KBA-compliant DIN EN ISO 9001 standard since the start of the Noughties.

Compliance with the safety-related provisions is thus ensured. The certificate is a must for Wunderlich if it is to apply for the TÜV seal of approval or for the type approval (ABE) from the KBA.

In July 2018, Wunderlich once again successfully completed the three-year recertification (the certificate ceases to be valid without recertification) and the annual audit for the quality management system and the KBA. Both the audit and the certification process were carried out by the independent test organisation EUROCERT, which is approved by the German Certification Body.

The time and effort that Wunderlich invests in the constructive development, type approval and permanent quality monitoring by independent test institutes, which also have to be approved by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS), ensures that the components are safe and that customers can rely on them. And it’s exactly that makes “Anständige Komponenten” what they are. Wunderlich customers are therefore always on the safe side: firstly with respect to quality, secondly in terms of safety, and thirdly regarding the legality of the components.

The time and effort that goes into all of this is naturally also reflected in the price. And it has to be. But, as Sir Frederick Henry Royce once said: “The quality will remain long after the price is forgotten”. And this much is also true of safety.

*Wunderlich‘s slogan „Anständige Komponenten für Ihre BMW.“ literally translated means „Decent components for your BMW Motorrad motorcycle.“

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