we set in motion our passion for travelling

Discovery Endual’s blog was born like the fist step of an ambitious project conceived by four friends who share since forever ago the passion for motorcycles and adventure. The means by which the trips are faced doesn't mind: here we’ll talk about plugged or road wheels, “specialized enduro” or “maxi enduro”. Basically it's the inspiration, the discovery of alternative, not so frequented places or simply the emotion of a suggestive destination. Our stories will be followed by photo galleries, realized by people who really have been to those places, riding their motorcycles. The users can glean information from our articles to plan a trip dreamed for years or find new inputs for unknown destinations.
Discovery Endual will also face other topics directly connected to motorcycles world: tests, events and demonstrations, accessories and maintenance, with a section dedicated to feminine Endual world.

We're ready to start!

Andrea Marinello

Born in 1966 on Reggio Emilia, Italy
Andrea is keen on off road motorcycling. He has been practicing this beautiful sport for many years. In this website he will take care of the marketing and commercial aspects

Pietro Bartolomei

Born in Arezzo in 1967. In 1990 debuted in racing: winner of 125 cc class at Transitalia Marathon, in 1991 is Italian  vice winner of moto rally, 2 participations at Erzberg Rodeo and at various international races. In the whole it makes 30 years of motoracing. Mansion: General, all-around administrator

Marco Dugato

Born in Verona in 1984. Since he has jumped on the motorcycle when he was a young boy he hasn't left it anymore, no matter if on mud, sand or asphalt. Here will take care of the management of the web site

Luca Sauro

Born in 1973 in Verona, where since he was a young boy he has practiced off-road (racing). As time goes by, he grows many and many passions such as motorcycle tourism and adventure. In the website he coordinates events

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